Team Members

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David Alan Kogut

Chief Executive Officer

David Alan Kogut I knew at the age of 17 that I wanted to focus not just on developing my desire to improve my skills in art and design but also in the discipline of psychology and communication. Psychology and communication in my opinion are the driving force in everything we do in business and our relationships. It is how we perceive the world around us and how we make decisions in buying habits, job selection, and choosing personal relationships. Wanting to gain knowledge in how to communicate visually and emotionally to individuals and the masses, I had decided to obtain a  B.F.A in Visual Communications which gave me the skill sets to break into the many creative fields such as design and photography. This taught me how to use color, imagery and typeography to communicate a feeling to promote any ideal necessary. I also continued in my studies and obtained a B.S. in Communication Theory and Psychology. This focus was to gain knowledge in interpersonal skills, body language, non-verbal communication and communication through the written and spoken word. Over the years I have focused on specialized training in the area of personal development, leadership and coaching.

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Michael Verdi

Chief Programmer

Mike Verdi has been working with us for the past 12 years. He has been a dedicated expert for our company, displaying many skill sets over a wide area of internet technologies. He is a rare find, knowledge in the areas of website design, hosting, programming and support. Even more important than his years of experience and knowledge in this new media industry are his intense dedication, integrity and patience in a complicated business. He continues to be  an inspiration to all of us.

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Heather Lang


Heather Lang  loves all aspects of photography. She has a vast knowledge on the technical end as well as a creative eye to capture the right moment. She is detail oriented and truly has a passion for her craft. Whether shooting on the red carpet, large events, destination weddings, or corporate affairs she carries the same energy and enthusiasm with her. A favorite passion of  hers is wildlife photography. She desires to travel around the world and take in the many different cultures and species that exist. Recently, she has traveled to different locations in Africa shooting wildlife and has had an art exhibit of her work locally.

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Stacy Slotnick

Entertainment Specialist – Lawyer – Writer – Brand Specialist

Stacy Slotnick, Esq  performs a broad range of duties as an entertainment lawyer, which include drafting and negotiating contracts; addressing and litigating trademark, copyright, patent, and other IP issues; directing public relations campaigns; and consulting on design protection, licensing, and merchandising. Stacy focuses on high-caliber media coverage and strategic branding, working with key editorial decision makers to ensure a steady flow of feature stories and broadcast placement on national TV, radio, newspaper, magazine, and online platforms.  She uses her critical thinking abilities and original execution to create winning pitches for clients. Stacy also oversees the strategy, planning, tactics, and implementation for client’s social media campaigns.
Stacy’s writings on legal and entertainment matters have appeared in The Huffington Post, All About The Tea, and The Fashion Law.

Stacy Slotnick holds a J.D., cum laude, 2008, from Touro Law Center and a B.A., summa cum laude, 2005, from the University of Massachusetts Amherst Commonwealth Honors College. She is a William F. Field Alumni Scholar, an honor bestowed upon the most academically distinguished students in a graduating class. Stacy is the recipient of the Honors Deans Award; Simon and Satenig Ermonian Memorial Scholarship; College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Opportunity Scholarship; and College of Humanities and Fine Arts Scholarship.  Stacy received two UMass Research Assistant Fellowships.
In law school, Stacy won two CALI Excellence For The Future Awards® that are presented to the highest scoring student in each law school class. She also received an Achievement Scholarship and during her third year, she served as a Teaching Assistant. Stacy is a member of several academic honor societies, including Golden Key International Honour Society, Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Beta Kappa, and Phi Kappa Phi. When Stacy is not negotiating lucrative media deals, she enjoys volunteering at Project Sunshine.

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Zeina Gharzouzi

Sponsorship and Co-Brand Specialist

Zeina Gharzouzi Born in Lebanon, she lived in Kuwait and Paris before moving to Montreal, Canada where she now resides. She’s always been obsessed with people’s behavior. What makes them do what they do? What influences them? With her uber-curiosity, this on-the-go marketer has accumulated, in the past 20 years, knowledge in: advertising, merchandising, retail, consumer trends, social media, and entrepreneurship. She thrives at mixing different fields together to come up with innovative strategies and tactics that will connect the dots in a different way. Finding ideas to create unique business connections that others don’t think of is how she acts as a relationship chemist between brands.

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Lorenzo Crescibene

Videographer – Editor – Sound Specialist

Lorenzo Crescibene brings a host of talents to our team. A chief engineer at Luna Sound for 32 years he brings intensive producing / engineering experience behind him. Spearheading the use of technology into the creative field of sound recording he has mastered the art of producing for artists, commercials and radio. Over the years Lorenzo has pushed into the field of video, capturing the world in a visual sense as well as audio. He again, has mastered the use of technology to be able to be prepared for any need both on the capture and as well as in the editing bay.

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Sheryl Ross

Branding / Marketing Consultant

Sheryl Ross is a 20+ year veteran of the non-profit and television industry. She has served as Consultant, Executive Producer, Executive Director, Creative Writer and Development Officer on a myriad of Boards, committees and Project Teams in the arts, health, education and community empowerment fields.  She is available for private consulting in Leadership Development, Fund Raising, Marketing, Brand Identity, Social Media engagement and other developmental processes applicable for non-profits and small business involvement.  She also has a winning personality, that simply put . . . makes her a fun person to have on our team!

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Taly Waisberg

Professional makeup artist and hair stylist

Taly Weisberg, professional makeup artist and hair stylist, started her career in 2004. Aside from earning a degree at The Learning Institute for Beauty Sciences in New York City, Taly has been specially trained in makeup effects, body painting and airbrush artistry in multiple countries. After completing her initial education she rapidly gained experience by working on video clips, commercials, editorials, fashion shows, advertising campaigns and films.

Among some of her many achievements she was nominated for Best Makeup Artist at the 2008 Pedro Sienna Awards for the film “Casa de Remolienda”. In 2010 she completed an advanced hairstyling course at the “Make-up Designory” school in Los Angeles, California. And in 2013 Taly assisted Gucci Westman, Artistic director of Revlon, for Oscar de la Renta and Marchesa during Fashion Week in NYC. Also in 2013 she assisted Peter Philips at an editorial photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

Taly continues to push herself beyond limitation while thrusting towards being the best she can be. By constantly creating new make-up and stylistic concepts she has risen above the norm and increased her value as an artist. Her ability to adapt and absorb technique is top notch. In addition to her relentless efforts she has proven to a pleasure to work with.
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Nancy Lombardo

Personal Development image coach

Nancy Lombardo was a leading member of the award-winning comedy troupe The First Amendment, performing with Robin Williams and Bruce Willis.  Her skills as a writer and comedy coach have made her one of the most sought-after talents in New York. Nancy was a comedy consultant to John Leguizamo’s Off-Broadway hit Mambo Mouth. She was also staff writer and performer for Leguizamo’s H.I.P- FOX comedy show, House of Buggin. Recent credits include The Colin Quinn Show on NBC, Saturday Night Live , All My Children and as a Court Judge on PBS.

Through these numerous years of performing, coaching, and teaching professionals and non-professionals alike, she has come up with some basic tips and exercises to enhance anyone’s confidence level. In short, shortcuts to looking more confident than you feel.You will be instructed in acting techniques that have helped everyone from CEO’s, authors, models, television and film personalities achieve a higher performance level their fields. Whether in front of the camera or in front of the boardroom, learn how to effectively enter a room, sit, and stand to get your point across through body language and voice control. Improve your skills to get that job, sell that product or merely excel in your industry.

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Steve Fisher

Personal Development / Marketing coach

Steve Fisher was born on November 30th, 1959 in Toledo, Ohio, and was raised in Michigan. Fisher’s family was really into sailing while he was growing up on Lake Erie and Lake Huron. Steve bought his first boat in 1983 in Port Clinton, Ohio, outfitted it in Michigan, sent it to San Francisco by truck, and he and a companion sailed to Hawaii.

The idea for the voyage from LA to Maui came to mind in 1987, after reading about a gentleman that kayaked from San Diego to Maui, Hawaii. He prepared a proposal for sponsorship with photos, description of the craft, and planned journey. With the backing of a prominent law firm from L.A., he submitted the proposal to seventy-five companies around the U.S. He received return letters from half, stating that they were not interested. Never heard from the other half.

Designed and built the original windsurfer, Da Slippa, in 1989, after a three month mental hiatus in Alaska. Fisher sailed the original Da Slippa throughout the Hawaiian Islands, crossing all of the major channels, surviving the rough sailing conditions Hawaii is known for.

In 1996, Fisher decided to take his dogs for a swim. Literally. Steve and his two Black Labs, “Gypsy” and “Kai”, swam from Lanai to Maui — a distance of 9.5 miles — along with an escort boats to ensure that the animals wouldn’t be endangered if conditions worsened or they tired. “But,” said Fisher, “they came through like I knew they would.” Fisher contacted the man who is listed in Guinness Book of World Record, Ted Ericson and his Black Lab “Umbra”, who made a swim a 4.4 mile swim in Turkey. Both the windsurf trip and the dog swim have been submitted to Guinness for recognition.

Besides his involvement with “Da Slippa II”, Steve has a thirty foot trimaran and does unique sailing trips with her, mountain bikes extensively, works in the activity and timeshare industry, and knows Hawaiiana while enjoying the “Maui Life”.

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Dr. Paula Caligiuri

Psychologist & Career Expert

Paula Caligiuri, Ph.D. is a work psychologist dedicated to helping people navigate the professional and personal challenges associated with their careers. She is the author of several books including Get a Life, Not a Job: Do What You Love and Let Your Talents Work for You (FT Press, 2010), and the career blog. Dr. Caligiuri is a bi-weekly expert contributor on CNN’s “Reclaim Your Career” segment and has completed a pilot for our television show, CareerWATCH through Life course Media.

Dr. Caligiuri is also a Professor in the Human Resource Management Department at Rutgers University, where she teaches courses in career management and global human resources at the masters, PhD, and executive levels. She is an internationally recognized expert on global careers and strategic human resource management. She has lectured in numerous universities and has been a speaker for many major corporations in the United States, Asia, and Europe.

Dr. Caligiuri holds a M.S. and Ph.D. from Penn State University in industrial and organizational psychology.

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George Steven Enderlin

Animation & Web specialist

George Enderlin, has a vast knowledge of the Internet, Multimedia, and cross platform related technologies. With over 12 years of experience in the design industry, his background includes experience in web design and management, project management, account coordination, promotional launches, consulting and public relations. He is able to utilize the following list of programs in the development/design and implementation of both on-line projects and promotional materials:  Multimedia/Web Design, Flash Intro’s, Web Banners, Special Buttons, Company Logos, and Package Designs.

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Barry Doughtery


Barry Doughtery, the head writer for the Friars Club Roasts and Testimonial Dinners, writing jokes and coordinating scripts for events that have included such honorees as Jack Black, Tom Cruise, Larry King, Quentin Tarantino, Betty White and Don Rickles, among others. Barry Dougherty is the author of A Hundred Years, A Million Laughs: A Centennial Celebration of the Friars Club, How To Do It Standing Up and New York Friars Club Book of Roasts. He also wrote and edited the popular Friars Private Joke, The Friars Club Bible of Jokes, Pokes, Roasts, and Toasts and edited The Friars Club Encyclopedia of Jokes.

  He served as consultant on the PBS documentary Make Em’ Laugh and has been a panelist and judge at the NY and NJ Comedy Festivals for their standup comedy competitions. He served as a panelist at the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA) conference in NYC speaking on humor writing. Barry is featured on the Dean Martin Roasts Collection Special Bonus Features DVD speaking on the topic of Roasts. He is a participant in the writers essay tour: Living, Out Loud: Writers Riff on Love, Sweat & Fears, reading his personal essays. He also appeared as the on-camera host to the Ghost Hunters film crew investigating the Friars Club building on the Syfy Channel. He has also profiled Friar celebrities John Travolta, Bob Costas, Michael Feinstein, Rob Reiner, Phyllis Diller, Susie Essman, Geraldo Rivera, Susan Lucci, Clive Davis and Joan Rivers, to name a few.

   A former television news reporter for Cablevision Systems, Barry has also written numerous articles for various magazines and newspapers such as Antiques and the Arts Weekly, Update magazine, Newsday and The New York Times. He also wrote the foreword for Soupy Sales Presents Stop Me If You’ve Heard It! by Soupy Sales.

 Barry is available for a variety of writing services from speeches to magazine articles to humor essays and much more.

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Linda Danko

Graphic design specialist

Linda Danko is a graphic designer that has been involved with our company for the past 17 years. A dedicated designer with a strong expertise for creativity and production skill. Linda has always been open to shifting ideas and concepts at a moments notice and has always been results driven to give the client EXACTLY what they were looking for. We our proud to have her on our team!

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Jude Thompson

Media recruitment – UK & USA

Jude Thomspon, is a specialist in executive search and people development, working within the dynamic and fast changing world of media, communications and entertainment. She brings together industry expertise with leading edge consumer intelligence, imagination and results.


Executive Search within the Entertainment Industry across Europe. Sectors include Mobile, TV Production and Broadcast, Digital & Innovative start-ups!

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